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Digital is the name of the game. With the advent of multiple social media platforms, businesses now hold the power to pick and choose their audiences and translate prospective views into sales. Employing an all-encompassing strategy for digital growth is a multi-faceted task and that’s where we step in.

From developing websites that match the vision of your business to graphic designing interactive creatives that’ll help connect with your audience, Digital Strawberry has got your back. Period!


Website Creation & Development

First things first! How’s that website of yours looking?

A website is the ultimate reflection of your business for a consumer. And yes, it is that important. The right website makes just the right impression and piques the interest of your prospective customers. Want to create a new website for that budding business of yours or take your existing one to the next level? We got you covered. We provide a FREE thorough and comprehensive website audit for you to understand how to take your website to the next level. We design websites tailor-made to your specifications and the needs of your business. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the themes, content, and designs of the website you envision.


Graphic Design

Straight up serving you some visual realness. Need we say any more? 

Fantastic graphic design is what takes an ineffectual means of advertising, be it a website, newsletter or flyer, to a powerful and effective way of capturing the attention of your customers. Visual appeal is what convinces a customer to linger on your adverts for maybe a second more and get you a step closer to increasing your conversion rate. We recognize the importance of this for your business and create stunning visual imagery for you to flexibly implement within your marketing strategy.


Search Engine Optimization [SEO] & Marketing [SEM]

It’s all about traffic. And not the kind you see on the road.

Even with a top-notch website, it’s instrumental for your audience to know that your business is offering quality services. Ever notice that your website is not gaining enough visitors or traffic for an extended period of time? We offer comprehensive and result-driven SEO services to increase your site rankings with relevant keywords. The SEO services we offer will be customized into specific SEO packages with respect to the size and needs of your business.


Content Writing

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Content Is Everything!

The right content, whether it’s a caption for that #PictureOfTheDay, a blog post or your monthly newsletter, catches the eye of a whole lot of people. Well thought out, effective, and persuasive content helps consolidate the message you want to send as a brand. Our team of writers is hands-on in terms of understanding the vision of your brand and translating that into powerful content, be it copy or long-hand content.


Social Media Marketing & Management Services

Social Media is about three things: Engagement, Engagement, & Engagement!

Social Media is no longer unchartered waters and has unequivocally become the norm for businesses. You now hold the power to interact with your desired audience and even expand your reach beyond a designated demographic. Our Social Media Services aim to help establish brand awareness, increase engagement, and amplify your conversion rate. You do not want to miss out on communicating with your audience any further!


PPC Management

You hold the power of monetary gain with a single click.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are not the only platforms to get the word out about what you do. Search engines like Google and Bing now serve as an effective means of advertising and increasing your conversion rate. Our PPC services are goal driven and instantly increases quality traffic to your website. With such paid ads, your website will immediately be on the front page of search results.


Email Marketing

Email is simply not a product of a long-forgotten era.

With over 5 billion people using email applications, it remains a potent avenue of advertising. From promotional emails entailing offers, discounts, and sales to newsletters, email marketing possesses a wide scope for interacting with your audience. The truth is people check their emails regularly and every time they do is a valuable opportunity for you to connect with a prospective customer. 



Put your message out in the orbit with an animated video.

Why settle for something simple when you can animate it? Digital Strawberry provides a  wide range of animation services. Need to explain your product or a business proposition to an audience? Explainer videos are the perfect way to go. Do you require a simple advert or a fully animated commercial?  We got you.



At the end of the day, everything is at the service of the brand.

Branding helps you clearly define the image of your product or business. Well-planned branding helps capture the attention and loyalty of your target demographic. Whether you’re planning an overhaul or building your brand from the very start, we have all the tools to help you construct the brand image of your dreams. From the logo to the brand manual, we ensure that your brand identity aligns with the values of your brand.


Photography & Videography

Tell your story with the very best in still and motion.

From lifestyle to product photography, photoshoots are much more than just the shoot. We are your single point of contact when it comes to executing a project. We handle everything from creative ideation to casting the right artists to ensure a hassle-free experience.